Lancaster School of Law students are off to Ghana

Dr Catherine Easton

On the 30th of March, six year two students and one staff member from Lancaster Law School will travel to Accra, Ghana for a week-long educational visit to Lancaster University’s Ghana campus. They will form part of a larger group of staff and students from the Linguistics and the Politics, Philosophy and Religion departments.

This is the first visit of the Lancaster-Ghana undergraduate ambassador scheme, which aims to forge links and interaction between students and staff based in Lancaster and in Ghana. Lancaster University is the first British university to open a campus in West Africa and it aims to grow its student numbers to 200 by September 2014.

The ambassador scheme group has a busy schedule of meetings and activities planned. At the Lancaster-Ghana campus there will be interactive sessions with students, cultural exchanges and debates. Lancaster-based students have prepared short videos to show a slice of Lancaster life to those at the Ghana campus. The group will visit Accra’s law courts, churches and NGOs, with some time left for relaxing on a trip up to Cape Coast and the jungle.

Easton Ghana1

Alana Butterworth, year two criminology student, summarised her feelings towards the visit saying:

“I am excited to discover the similarities and differences between the lifestyle and culture experienced on campus and within Lancaster to that of the Lancaster Campus in Ghana and the surrounding community. I am excited to take advantage of such an amazing opportunity by learning about the different applications of law and how the legal system is implemented differently to that in the UK.

The trip has come around so quickly and now I am raring to get out there and my mind is currently a sponge waiting to absorb and take in everything possible from the trip, I love that we have been given the chance to exchange information between students of Ghana and the group of us visiting as I feel I have so much to learn and am able to break out of the Lancaster University bubble”.

Easton Ghana3

Similarly, Georgia Frimpong, year two law student, showed her growing anticipation for the visit saying:

“To have been given the unexpected opportunity to witness this development first hand really is overwhelming and the countdown has been exciting. From learning popular Ghanaian [dance] moves to planning excursions, we’ve been allowed to explore the Ghana we want to explore and it’s been insightful to see the angles brought in by students from other departments. Really cannot wait for it all to materialize now!”

The visit will develop and strengthen links between learners and staff at the two campuses, with on-going relationships established. On return, the participants will share their experiences through blogs, talks and videos. It is envisaged that this opportunity will be open for year two School of Law students each year, with the application process opening in January.


For more information and news on the Ghana UG Ambassadors Scheme – visit the Lancaster-Ghana blog


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