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Car exhaust fumes

The Fuel Quality Directive of the European Commission: A step in the right direction, but only a short one.

John Pearson

The car and van are undeniably the choice modes of transport; road traffic miles in the UK rose by 2.3% this year on last, and have risen by over 20% in the last two decades.  The environmental impact of our seemingly untameable preference to travel by car and transport goods using heavy goods and light goods vehicles remains, therefore, one of the most significant challenges in environmental protection. John Pearson (@johnrpearson) considers the efforts of the European Union (EU) to reduce the impact of this resilient tendency through the Fuel Quality Directive.

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Kosovo and its highest courts: At the coalface of transitional constitutionalism

Professor James A. Sweeney

The German professor on my right is banging his fist on the desk, making a good point loudly.  On my far right is the President of the Kosovo Supreme Court.  To my left is the President of the Kosovo Constitutional Court.  Judges of both of these two courts are sitting at tables perpendicular to mine, facing each other like opposing quiz teams. Continue reading