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Domestic abuse: Is criminalising coercive control enough?

Siobhan Weare

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Disability Hate Crime – ‘Only having a laugh’

Paul Dodenhoff

A number of months ago, I was walking through Preston mid-afternoon with a group of people, and suddenly a number of eggs rained down upon us from a second floor window above a shop. Glancing up, we witnessed two retreating, laughing males, probably about 18 to 20 years old. Luckily the eggs missed and no damage was done to either pride or clothing, nor was the incident reported to anybody as far as I’m aware.

Similarly, I was on a bus ride not long before that incident, where a group of rowdy schoolboys about 14 to 16 years old sitting on the upper deck of the bus, started throwing empty pop cans and spitting out of the bus windows at the passengers below as they exited the bus at a stop. This was reported to the driver of the bus, by one of the ‘victims’ of the incident.

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Adolescent-to-Parent Abuse: Reflections on 2013

Dr Amanda Holt

This year, the media has finally turned its attention to the issue of a relatively small, yet very real, problem: adolescents’ abusive behaviour towards their parents. What I’m talking about here is a pattern of behaviour that uses verbal, financial, physical or emotional means to practise power and exert control over one’s parent. Examples found in my own research include physical violence (and threats to cause physical harm), intimidation and undermining the parent, and theft and damage to a parent’s property and possessions.

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